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The Anti-Piracy Hot Line is a joint project by the Clear Sky Initiative and Smartsolutions Law Group created to help Ukrainian right holders prevent illegal distribution of copyrighted content on the Internet or via a cable provider.

The Project is supported by practicing lawyers, attorneys-at-law and experts in intellectual property rights protection who provide consultations on legal mechanisms and technological ways to combat piracy.
Consultation for right holders is free of charge
If you would like to get a consultation in the most effective way, please fill in the form below and we will surely contact you.

We do not guarantee a free-of-charge consultation on other issues.
Гаряча лінія «Проти піратства»
Консультація для правовласників безкоштовна
All appeals are confidential
The Clear Sky Initiative undertakes not to distribute the information and personal data received in any way without your prior consent
For Smartsolutions Law Group attorneys-at-law, the information received from you has the status of attorney-client privilege (Article 22 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Bar and Attorneys-at-Law Activity")
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This is the only platform for the protection of intellectual property rights to audiovisual content in Ukraine. It unites right holders and media market players.

Goal: to develop the legal market and combat pirated resources on the Internet.
A group of consulting companies, the first associate member of the Clear Sky Initiative. One of the key areas of work is protection of intellectual property rights.

Legal assistance by professional lawyers in combating piracy in Ukraine – more than 7 years of expertise, complicated cases, actual prosecution of violators and indemnification of losses of a right holder – one of the largest media groups in the country.
© All rights reserved. ANTI-PIRACY HOT LINE 2023.
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© All rights reserved. ANTI-PIRACY HOT LINE 2023.
Made by ideil.